At our core, we merge expertise, education, and a network of experienced professionals to address your specific real estate needs. What sets up apart is our ability to grasp the intricate balance between the financial implications and design considerations inherent in real estate projects. This unique blend empowers us to craft tailored solutions that deliver results, ensuring the success of our real estate development projects.

Arakel Arisian


Arakel Arisian is a seasoned real estate consultant and urban planner, specializing in the strategic coordination of key elements within property ventures. With a keen focus on design, entitlements, economics, and implementation, Arisian adeptly navigates the complexities of real estate projects to deliver practical and effective solutions for his clients.

His clients include landowners, institutional clients, businesses, and developers. He is focused on developing best practices that maximizing the value of his client’s land assets. He is involved with several large-scale master planning projects, as well as a variety of development projects include retail/commercial, multifamily, and mixed use.

Prior to establishing his consulting practice, he worked at Centex Homes (now Pulte Homes) in the areas of strategic marketing, land acquisition, entitlements, and project management. He is an adjunct faculty member at the Craig School of Business at Fresno State, teaching finance and economics.

Menas Arisian


Since joining the Arisian Group in 2017, Menas Arisian has been an instrumental part of our real estate planning and development team. His responsibilities include guiding landowners and homebuilders through the entitlement process, collaborating closely with local jurisdictions on project submissions and reviews, conducting thorough property research, and actively participating in master planning and design workshops. Menas's ability to deliver comprehensive support across these areas demonstrates his commitment to excellence and his invaluable role within our team.

In 2022, Menas expanded his professional repertoire by becoming a sales associate in the Land Division at Newmark Pearson Commercial. This role complements his work with Arisian Group, allowing him to offer an additional layer of service and expertise, particularly in representing landowners and developers in the sale of land properties. Menas specializes in transitional land, which often requires intricate planning and/or entitlements, underscoring his versatile skill set and deep understanding of the real estate sector.

Menas's approach to real estate is characterized by hard work, integrity, and a comprehensive knowledge base. He prides himself on building strong relationships with clients, including developers, landowners, and investors, ensuring they receive the highest level of service possible. His unique skill set and strong network of relationships enable Menas to provide exceptional advice and support, making him a cornerstone of the Arisian Group's success.


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